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Variety of IoT devices visit IoTPOT

Created June 8, 2015

In order to know device types of visiting host to IoTPOT, we connected back to all visiting host on 23/TCP and 80/TCP, collected Telnet banners and web contents if any, and manually categorized them by device types.

For example, if there is a telling keyword such as “DVR” in HTTP title, we categorize this device as DVR. If not, we search on Internet using HTTP title as key word and carefully categorize devices by reading available manuals. We also group device models of a particular device type by different HTTP titles. For example, HTTP titles such as “NetDVrV1” and “NetDvrV3” will be counted as two device models of DVR device type.

With this way, we have found more than 34 types of devices visiting IoTPOTincluding 19 different models of DVR, 16 models of IP Camera, 45 models of Wireless Routers. Moreover, devices such as heat pumps, solid state recorder and security appliances such as firewalls are visiting IoTPOT. We are currently planning to contact to makers of these devices.